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The E-PROPS propellers are very strong, because 100% made in carbon.
Furthermore, all E-PROPS models have a Nanostrength® special shock additive, which strongly reinforces the leading edge.

When propellers are rotating, they can hit some objects, equipements, sand, water, stones, or even the ground...
In light aviation, the propellers have a max rotation speed at tips between 0,50 and 0,75 Mach, it means between about 600 and 900 km/h.
At those speeds, a very small impact may have very important consequences on the blades.
Water (for example for barefoot flights) and sand may erode the leading edge of the blades. In those very special (and not recommended...) cases, it is essential to protect the leading edges with a special tape, used on helicopter rotor blades, which has to be regularly removed (on sale on this e-shop).

The E-PROPS propellers are made in 100% carbon braid. This process is named HCF : Helical Continuous Fibers.
It is especially designed by E-PROPS, ensures an exceptional strength of the 100% carbon + epoxy resin blade, from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade's foot to tip.
To the contrary of the usual process called half-shell, used by most of the manufacturers of fiberglass propellers, the carbon fibers are continuous between the top and bottom surfaces.
The braid is made like a sock. The mechanical strength is increased and becomes very high : no risk of rupture by delamination of the leading edge, no craks on the blades or on the hub.

Many impacts are minor, and can be easily repaired.
Examples :


the tips can be easily repaired, localised impacts too.
A proper cut and / or a repair kit may be enough for those small repairs.
Be careful with the balancing to avoid vibrations.


When the foam core (colored) is apparent, the repair is no more possible : the blade has to be changed

Please note : if an incident or a shock require an important repair, this one must be realized by E-PROPS in its workshops, or by a specialist after discussions with the team E-PROPS.
=> Be careful with the propellers repaired without agreement : do not forget that the propellers have a max rotation speed at tips more than 600 km/h. A repair has to be properly carried out.


If only one blade is damaged :
At E-PROPS, it is possible to change only one blade.

We do not force our customers to buy a complete new propeller.

eprops helice propeller
propeller : here composed of 2 blades

eprops helice pale
blade : it is possible to change only one blade if the other is in good condition

With the serial number, our team will find its technical file, and can make a new blade, well-balanced with the remaining good blade. Traceability is essential for E-PROPS.
A RFID chip is in each blade is inserted in each blade, with all technical data inside : manufacturing date, detailed monitoring (braid batch, epoxy resin batch, additives...), names of the workers, measures (temperatures, pressures) and weights all along the manufacturing process, finish, commercial file.

On the PLUG'n'FLY models, each blade has :
- a reference number of the propeller number (4 letters and numbers) : example => P601, G74R...
- a serial number (unique). Serial numbers do not necessarily follow themselves, because they are assigned at the beginning of the manufacturing process.

eprops serial number
unique serial number of a blade, here 53523

To know if a blade or a propeller can be repaired, you may send pictures to our commercial department.
Please send files with a reasonable size.
Indicate the serial number of the broken blade (or the one of the good remaining blade).

- - - - -
If you have to send your propeller back to E-PROPS, please ship the parcel to :
ZI Aerodrome
04200 VAUMEILH - France
Contact : Mrs Anne LAVRAND
Phone : +33 04 92 34 00 00
Email :

Please note => When a parcel is shipped to E-PROPS by a customer for a repair or a component change : the shipping costs, the mandatory insurance of the parcel and the potential customs duties must be paid by the customer.

Any question ? Please contact us by email:

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