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NG-D : carbon propellers, ground adjustable pitch

✗  NG-D = HI-TECH carbone propellers, ground adjustable pitch
✗  Very light : less than 750 gr for a 2-blade propeller !
✗  Very strong : blades full carbon, high fibers ratio, Helical Continuous Fibers, leading edge protection
✗  Hubs in wooden-resin or in carbon
✗  Many models : from 2 to 4 blades, diameters 115 to 160 cm, rotation senses CW and CCW
✗  since 2008
✗  E-PROPS production: 30.000 blades / year
✗  Sold all over the world in more than 80 countries

Please note :
The NG-D solution is interesting for engines or PPG manufacturers (to make tests), and also for some champions (to adjust the pitch finely).
This type of propellers are not adapted to a standard use because the pitch has to be adjusted every time the propeller is reassembled.
A PLUG'n'FLY is more suitable to a PPG standard use.
All diameters, numbers of blades, rotation senses and pitches exist in PLUG'n'FLY models (excepted in tractor configuration at this day).



1- Blades
2- Full carbon hubs
3- Wooden-resin hubs
4- Drilling
5- Torque
6- Max RPM
7- Max power
8- Assembly

1- Blades

E-PROPS NG-D have full carbon blades.


Optimum use of carbon fibers braid and epoxy resin to obtain ultra-light and very strong blades.
The HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process, specifically designed by E-PROPS, ensures an exceptional strength of the carbon braid (like a sock) + epoxy resin blade, from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade's foot to tip.
Manufacturing process : Resin Transfer Molding (RTM).
Foam core (D-Box).
UV High Resistance epoxy resin
Very high carbon fiber ratio : 63%

NG-D propellers equip many engines :
- in 2-blade, 2-blade and 4-blade
- tractor and pusher configurations
- diameters : each 5 cm, from 115 to 160 cm
- CW and CCW : rotation senses indicated propeller seen in the wind made by the propeller (ClockWise = right / CounterClockWise = left)

All NG-D are available in the catalog => see NG-D CATALOG PAGE

2- Full carbon hubs

For all engines up to 60 cv, rotation sense CW or CCW
At this day, this full carbon hub exists ONLY for 3-blade pusher NG-D propellers, drilling = 6M8d75
Carbon hub weight = 300 gr
Hub thickness = 75 mm




3- Wooden-resin hubs

For all engines up to 60 cv, rotation sense CW or CCW
For 2-blade, 3-blade and 4-blade propellers, tractor or pusher
Hub weight = 350 gr
Hub thickness = 60 mm



Material : densified wood + epoxy resin (the wood is there as a matrix).
This material has the same mechanical characteristics as some aluminium alloys, and weights 50 percent less that aluminium.
Mechanical strength = 277 MPa [against 280 MPa for aluminium ref 2017]. It is used for example to manufacture the insolators of the raiways, because it has a high resistance in strength, a high dimensional stability, a very strong resistance to products as oil or fuel, and also a very good weather resistance.
The hub in densified wood is as strong as a carbon one.
The E-PROPS company is using this material since 2008. Those type of hubs are manufactured on a E-PROPS CNC machining center.

=> The interest of this material against aluminium : as strong as aluminium and two time lighter, easy to manufacture, cheaper.

4- Drilling

Drilling patterns :
- pusher 2-blade : 4M6d60 / 4M8d63 / 6M6d50 / 6M6d56 / 6M6d60 / 6M8d75
- tractor 2-blade : 6M8d75
- pusher 3-blade (wooden-resin hubs / carbon hubs) : 6M8d75
- tractor 3-blade : 6M8d75
- pusher 4-blade : 4M6d60 / 4M8d63 / 6M6d50 / 6M8d75
- tractor 4-blade : 4M6d60 / 4M8d63 / 6M6d50 / 6M8d75

Explanations on drillings, see page HUBS DRILLINGS
Never put a rubber spacer between the reducer and the propeller; the screws would break.

5- Torque

The screws tightening must be done with a torque wrench; torque value depending on the screws :
Screws 6 mm = 8 N.m
Screws 8 mm = 16 N.m

6- RPM max

Max RPM (at propeller = = engine max RPM / reducer ratio) :
- diameters 115 to 130 cm : 3000 RPM
- diameters 135 to 145 cm : 2900 RPM
- diameters 150 to 160 cm : 2800 RPM

7- Max power

The power absorbed by the propeller depends on each model and diameter :
2-blade models : up to about 40 hp for diameter 160 cm
2-blade and 4-blade models : up to about 60 hp for diameter 160 cm

NG-D 2-blade :
NGD 2-blade E-PROPS

NG-D 3-blade :
NGD 3-blade E-PROPS

NG-D 4-blade :
NGD 4-blade E-PROPS

NG-D are adapted only on engines with gear box : never user a NG-D propeller on a combustion direct drive engine (without gearbox).
They however can be adapted on direct drive electric engines. Contact our team.

8- Assembly

[a] Get both blades, both parts of the hub and screws together. Wooden-resin hub : the material of the hub is very dense and does not require any plate. Medium washers are included in the kit to put under the screws' heads.
[b] Put the blades in the hub, and the whole propeller on the reducer's flange.
[c] Close the hub and make a first very slow torque of the screws.
[d] Adjust the pitch.
[e] Torque the screws as mentionned in the manual.

If you have vibrations, the problem is certainly coming from the pitch adjustment. Please do it again carefully.

The E-PROPS are very well balanced in the assembly line. See BALANCING.




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