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Why choose an E-PROPS propeller ?


1- The E-PROPS are the world's lightest propellers

It is very important to fly with a light propeller, with high reactivity, less gyroscopic efforts, less vibrations and far better functioning of the engine.
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2- The E-PROPS are very strong propellers

Because 100% made in carbon, with HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers), and thanks to the specific RTM manufacturing process.
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3- The E-PROPS team has a great experience

The 25 aeronautical engineers and technicians designs and manufactures innovative propellers since 2008.
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The design department has developed special patented profiles and geometries : specific E-PROPS design with high CL profiles and SCIMITAR shape, for more thrust, fuel economy and noise reduction.

4- The E-PROPS are made in France

In this country with great tradition and expertise in aeronautics, E-PROPS has created and developed a 1.700 m² ultra-modern workshop, with 12 CNC machining centres, to produce the exceptional E-PROPS propellers.
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5- The E-PROPS are sold in 80 countries

E-PROPS equips more than 350 different paramotors brands all over the world.
Since 2013, the great Paramotors World Champions are only using E-PROPS propellers, because they are at the high top of the quality and efficiency.

6- The top E-PROPS propellers are at affordable prices and shipping is free

E-PROPS proposes thousands models on this e-shop, for all engines - reducers, in different diameters and blades numbers.

E-PROPS = the good choice !


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