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E-props 2-Blades propeller paramotor ppg
E-props propeller paramotor ppg description

PLUG-2 dia 160 cm Simonini Mini2 red 3 6M8d75

EUR 331.00€ excl tax
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E-PROPS PLUG'n'FLY propeller 2-blades for paramotor / paratrike (PPG)
Model for engine : Simonini Mini2 reducer 1:3

Configuration : pusher
Blades number : 2
Diameter : 160 cm (63 in)
Drilling pattern : 6 M8 d75mm (6 screws dia 8 mm on a circle 75 mm diameter)
Central hole : 25mm
Rotation sense : Left (counterclockwise) in the wind made by the propeller
Total weight of the prop = 600 gr (1.3 lb)


100% in full carbon braid : Helical Continuous Fibers
Reinforced leading edge protection in Nanostrength additive, with high energy absorbing capability
Fixed pitch, easy to assemble
ASTM F2506-13 certified
Note : each blade has an unique serial number. Possibility to change only one blade if necessary.
Propeller delivered ready to be mounted, with manual
Screws : as standard, the propeller is delivered without fastening screws. On request, screws could be added in the parcel (for free). Please indicate the desired length of the screws in the order comment.

More technical data, click here => PLUG'N'FLY

100% Hi-Tech Carbon Propellers - the World's Lightest - Made in France - Sold in 80 Countries

The PLUG'n'FLY equip most of competitor pilots. Since 2009, the PPG World's Champion Alex MATEOS is flying with E-PROPS. All over the world, for beginners and professionals, the E-PROPS are by far the most efficient propellers !

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This E-Props gives better performances and successfully replaces the following references :
H40F 1,60m L-Z-06-2
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