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NG-D 2-blade pusher

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2-blade pusher propeller NG-D : ground adjustable pitch (2 blades and 1 hub)

Interesting solution for engines or PPG manufacturers (to make tests), and also for some champions (to adjust the pitch finely).
Not adapted to a standard use because the pitch has to be adjusted every time the propeller is reassembled. A PLUG'n'FLY model is more suitable to a PPG standard use.

=> See more information here : NG-D RANGE

For pusher configuration only (see here the NG-D 2-blade TRACTOR models).
For engines with reducers only (not for direct drive engines, except electric).

Light : less than 750 gr for a 2-blade.
Very strong : blades full carbon, Helical Continuous Fibers, leading edge protection, hub in densified wood / resin.

Delivered with a digital protractor to adjust the pitch and with the screws.

Diameters : from 115 cm to 160 cm (different prices according to diameters).
The CALCULATOR can help you to define the best diameter for your use.

Rotation senses, exist in both :
- CW : clockwise = right rotation in the wind made by the propeller
- CCW : counterclockwise = left rotation in the wind made by the propeller

Max RPM (at propeller) :
- diameters 115 to 130 cm : 3000 RPM
- diameters 135 to 145 cm : 2900 RPM
- diameters 150 to 160 cm : 2800 RPM

Hub drilling pattern:
6 different drillings, see the option menu.
Here see the : drilling patterns explanations
The drilling depends on the engine. E-PROPS does not provide drilling adapters.

To order, please choose your options in the drop-down menu :
- diameter of the propeller
- rotation sense : CW or CCW
- hub drilling pattern

Available Options:


drilling pattern:

rotation sense:

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