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Outil numérique de réglage du pas d'hélice Electronic Protractor for propellers pitch's adjustment HELICES E-PROPS - version 2017

Electronic Protractor for Pitch Adjustment - 2017 version

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Electronic Protractor for propellers pitch's adjustment - 2017 version

- Very precise : +/- 0,1°
- Simple to use : put the tool on the lower surface of the blade, at a defined distance of the hub (depending of the blade's type), read the angle, then modify the pitch if necessary
- Red hook to clip the device on each side of the protractor, right and left, at the user's choice : easy reading for tractor or pusher propellers /2017 version / E-Props design
- Integrated bubble for horizontal positioning of the device
- Unit = degree for E-Props pitch adjustment
- Ultra-light and practical to bring everywhere with you : weight 50 gr, dimensions 55 x 55 x 15 mm
- Clearly readable, even in the sun
- Power supply : 2 batteries 3V/DC (type CR3032) included

=> The easiest, the lightest and the most precise solution to adjust the pitch of the propellers

Please note :
- A digital protractor is delivered with each new E-PROPS propeller for ultralights / aircraft (for free)
- This device is not necessary for NG-D propellers with splines
- This device is proposed as an option for the NG-D propellers ground adjustable pitch
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