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The E-PROPS Company

The E-PROPS company designs, tests, manufactures and sells hi-tech carbon propellers for leisure aviation (airplanes, LSA, ultralights, delta trikes, gyros, drones, paramotors, paratrikes).

eprops company workshop

- The ELECTRAVIA - E-PROPS company : created in 2008 by three aviation enthousiasts
- A team of 28 aeronautical engineers and technicians
- Ultra-modern workshops = 1 700 m² on Sisteron airfield (LFNS), Provence, France

- Innovative and efficient propellers models with fixed or adjustable pitch : the E-PROPS are the world's lightest propellers.
- 185 different blades geometries
- Patented concepts and designs
- Full carbon propellers, very strong, internal leading edge protection - No life limitation, ASTM F2506-13 certified
- Equip more than 200 types of different aircraft and ultralights / LSA and more than 350 different paramotors brands
- Propellers sold in more than 80 different countries

- RTM (Resin Transfert Molding) process for carbon parts manufacturing
- HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process, which ensures an exceptional strength of the blades
- Automation in the production process with 12 CNC machining centres
- Strict quality system, monitoring by RFID
- Production : 30.000 blades / year

The ELECTRAVIA - E-PROPS company is also known for its electric motorizations systems developed for leisure aviation (engines, controllers, dedicated instruments, batteries BMS, dedicated propellers), as well as for aircraft equipped with these new successful and silent propulsion systems made between 2008 and 2014.
During 6 years, more than 70 aircraft with electric engines have been developed by the team, including the famous "ELECTRA" (1rst worldwide 100% electric aircraft, 1rst flight in December 2007), the CRI-CRI Cristaline (1rst worldwide electric twin-engines, world speed record for electric aircraft from 2010 to 2018), the E-FENIX (1rst worldwide electric two-seater paratrike), the E-SPIDER (1rst worldwide electric two-seater paramotor), the ELECTRO-LIGHT (electric motoglider range 1h30)...
At present, the company has temporarily suspended its works on electric systems, while waiting for batteries allowing a bigger range. The team dedicates itself to design and manufacturing of the E-PROPS propellers, which meet a big technical and commercial success.

Development of the company those last years :

eprops company evolution

=> E-PROPS, Happy Birthday, 10 ans ! (Paramoteur+ Dec 2018, article in French)

unicef eprops
E-PROPS engages with UNICEF to help children around the world

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