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E-PROPS NG-D range : carbon propellers, ground adjustable pitch

✗  NG-D = HI-TECH carbone propellers, ground adjustable pitch
✗  Very light : less than 750 gr for a 2-blade propeller diameter 125 cm !
✗  Very strong : blades full carbon braid, high fibers ratio, Helical Continuous Fibers, leading edge protection
✗  Hubs in wooden-resin or in carbon
✗  For reduction drive engines and electric engines from 10 to 50 kW
✗  2-blade, 3-blade, 4-blade models
✗  Diameters : from 115 cm to 160 cm, each 5 cm
✗  Exist in both rotation senses : CW and CCW
✗  ASTM F2506-13 certified
✗  Made in France since 2008
✗  E-PROPS production: 30.000 blades / year
✗  Sold all over the world in more than 80 countries

Please note :
The NG-D solution is interesting for engines or PPG manufacturers (to make tests), for prototypes (drones, multicopters, VTOL), and also for some champions (to adjust the pitch finely).
This type of propellers are not adapted to a standard use because the pitch has to be adjusted every time the propeller is reassembled.
A PLUG'n'FLY is more suitable to a PPG standard use or for big series.
All diameters, numbers of blades, rotation senses and pitches exist in PLUG'n'FLY models (excepted in tractor configuration at this day).



1- Blades
2- Full carbon hubs
3- Wooden-resin hubs
4- Drilling
5- Torque
6- Max RPM
7- Max power
8- Assembly

1- Blades

E-PROPS NG-D have full carbon blades.


Optimum use of carbon fibers braid and epoxy resin to obtain ultra-light and very strong blades.
The HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process, specifically designed by E-PROPS, ensures an exceptional strength of the carbon braid (like a sock) + epoxy resin blade, from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade's foot to tip.
Manufacturing process : Resin Transfer Molding (RTM).
Foam core (D-Box).
UV High Resistance epoxy resin
Very high carbon fiber ratio : 63%

NG-D propellers equip many engines :
- in 2-blade, 2-blade and 4-blade
- tractor and pusher configurations
- diameters : each 5 cm, from 115 to 160 cm
- CW and CCW : rotation senses indicated propeller seen in the wind made by the propeller (ClockWise = right / CounterClockWise = left)

All NG-D are available in the catalog => see NG-D CATALOG PAGE

2- Full carbon hubs

For all engines up to 60 cv, rotation sense CW or CCW
At this day, this full carbon hub exists ONLY for 3-blade pusher NG-D propellers, drilling = 6M8d75
Carbon hub weight = 300 gr
Hub thickness = 75 mm




3- Wooden-resin hubs

For all engines up to 60 cv, rotation sense CW or CCW
For 2-blade, 3-blade and 4-blade propellers, tractor or pusher
Hub weight = 350 gr
Hub thickness = 60 mm



Material : densified wood + epoxy resin (the wood is there as a matrix).
This material has the same mechanical characteristics as some aluminium alloys, and weights 50 percent less that aluminium.
Mechanical strength = 277 MPa [against 280 MPa for aluminium ref 2017]. It is used for example to manufacture the insolators of the raiways, because it has a high resistance in strength, a high dimensional stability, a very strong resistance to products as oil or fuel, and also a very good weather resistance.
The hub in densified wood is as strong as a carbon one.
The E-PROPS company is using this material since 2008. Those type of hubs are manufactured on a E-PROPS CNC machining center.

=> The interest of this material against aluminium : as strong as aluminium and two time lighter, easy to manufacture, cheaper.

4- Drilling

Drilling patterns :
- pusher 2-blade : 4M6d60 / 4M8d63 / 6M6d50 / 6M6d56 / 6M6d60 / 6M8d75
- tractor 2-blade : 6M8d75
- pusher 3-blade (wooden-resin hubs / carbon hubs) : 6M8d75
- tractor 3-blade : 6M8d75
- pusher 4-blade : 4M6d60 / 4M8d63 / 6M6d50 / 6M8d75
- tractor 4-blade : 4M6d60 / 4M8d63 / 6M6d50 / 6M8d75

Explanations on drillings, see page HUBS DRILLINGS
Never put a rubber spacer between the reducer and the propeller; the screws would break.

5- Torque

The screws tightening must be done with a torque wrench; torque value depending on the screws :
Screws 6 mm = 8 N.m
Screws 8 mm = 16 N.m

6- RPM max

Max RPM (at propeller = = engine max RPM / reducer ratio) :
- diameters 115 to 130 cm : 3000 RPM
- diameters 135 to 145 cm : 2900 RPM
- diameters 150 to 160 cm : 2800 RPM

7- Max power

The power absorbed by the propeller depends on each model and diameter :
2-blade models : up to about 40 hp for diameter 160 cm
2-blade and 4-blade models : up to about 60 hp for diameter 160 cm

NG-D 2-blade :
NGD 2-blade E-PROPS

NG-D 3-blade :
NGD 3-blade E-PROPS

NG-D 4-blade :
NGD 4-blade E-PROPS

NG-D are adapted only on engines with gear box : never user a NG-D propeller on a combustion direct drive engine (without gearbox).
They however can be adapted on direct drive electric engines. Contact our team.

8- Assembly

[a] Get both blades, both parts of the hub and screws together. Wooden-resin hub : the material of the hub is very dense and does not require any plate. Medium washers are included in the kit to put under the screws' heads.
[b] Put the blades in the hub, and the whole propeller on the reducer's flange.
[c] Close the hub and make a first very slow torque of the screws.
[d] Adjust the pitch.
[e] Torque the screws as mentionned in the manual.

If you have vibrations, the problem is certainly coming from the pitch adjustment. Please do it again carefully.

The E-PROPS are very well balanced in the assembly line. See BALANCING.




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